Just open Google Maps, type your restaurant, and it shows their hours once you click the location you want. It also includes their phone number - I found it easier to call stores that way, than to go to site, search for store, search for contact tab, and manually dial the number. » 1/29/15 7:00am Today 7:00am

After my experience with a 2004 Touareg, I'd be very tempted to lease this car. Buy, not so much. I would still be very scared - my Touareg was purchased with around 20k miles, and by the time I hit 48K miles and the warranty expired, I could not wait to get rid of it. » 1/29/15 9:43am Today 9:43am

It is a promo video for NS Tuning Centar - Novi Sad (a city in Serbia) Tuning Center - which is basically a shop for rice-ing your car in Serbia. Lyrics and execution are pathetic, considering that Serbia has some decent rappers. I used to to listen to a lot of rap growing up in Serbia - yes, I was that kid in the… » 1/27/15 2:56pm Tuesday 2:56pm

Why would anyone hate on SUV's from any manufacturer is beyond me. Don't like em, don't buy em. Yes, I'd love to drive a M3 with a manual and RWD all the time. Might be tough to fit a family and two dogs and go on a dirt road in the Rockies with all our gear for a nice, long hike. » 1/26/15 12:35pm Monday 12:35pm

I leased my first car recently, just a Honda Pilot so I can take the dogs hiking. It costs me(lease price) $270 per month. A similarly priced car I had before that, Jeep GC cost me around(purchase price) $460 per month, both with similar downpayments. You can skew the math anyway you like, but the fact is that you… » 1/21/15 2:13pm 1/21/15 2:13pm

I use Chrome for 99% of my browsing, but every time I have an issue with a page, I open it in IE11 and it works like a charm. Is the IE hate just a leftover from the days of IE6, or are there some real reasons to hate modern IE? Other than if you are a developer I guess, I am talking strictly from a user perspective? » 1/21/15 1:19pm 1/21/15 1:19pm