Wow... so..underwhelming... but it will probably sell like hotcakes. I had a 2008 and 2010 Outback, and this car has the (basically) same engines, looks just about the same, and it will probably cost a bit more. I kept thinking that I would go back to driving one, but they are not reintroducing the XT models, they are… » 4/17/14 11:24am Yesterday 11:24am

Had a 2004 Touareg from 2006-2008 - traded it in for an Outback the day the warranty expired. I spent more time in the shop with that car than with all my other cars combined. Now I have a 2013 Pilot, and while my EX model is not as solid feeling as Touareg was, it is trouble free. That bad experience has me afraid of… » 4/17/14 10:43am Yesterday 10:43am

  1. Keep on mind that chances of getting that price are slim. In order to qualify for the best price, you must have something like 800+ credit score, and often, you must qualify for all available rebates, which no one ever does. I ended up with a payment of $271 per month on my $34k Pilot, with a trade that was probably…
» 4/04/14 1:14pm 4/04/14 1:14pm

1st gear - I live in Denver. For a while, I was the part of the usage increase - I rode the light rail for a year and a half after I got a job in Downtown. Parking downtown = $120 per month. I received a free or cheap RTP pass, for $40 per month and RTD parking is free. I had two options - hop on a bus a block from my… » 3/10/14 10:12am 3/10/14 10:12am

I am curious - what is a decent job and how come you can't pay the default? I was in a similar situation - had $37k in loans when I was done with school (on top of paying $600 per month for 2 and a half years while in school). At a 30 year payout and 40k in loans, your monthly payment should be under $250 per month,… » 3/04/14 7:12am 3/04/14 7:12am

I hate my self with passion.... I thought of "Coin" in my mind about a decade ago, and I never did anything about, as I was young and dumb. If I tried, I might have been one on those young rich assholes that got boatloads of money from venture capitalists. Oh well... » 2/19/14 12:24pm 2/19/14 12:24pm

This whole article for something that seems to have a very simple answer - "the beg button" as you call it seems to be installed only in places with low foot traffic. If there is a pedestrian, they hit a button and they get a certain amount of time to cross the intersection. If there isn't one, lights change at a… » 2/04/14 11:37am 2/04/14 11:37am