I buy costco dog food that matches the premium stuff in ingredients, and at $35 for 30lbs, I save at least $30 per bag compared to what I consider premium brands. Even so, I spend way more that that on food. I think I spent over 15K on two dogs over last 7 years total (first 4 with one dog, last 3 with two dogs). It… » 4/30/15 7:56am Thursday 7:56am

I am tempted to find a 2009 XT manual for my next car, if I can find one with really low miles. That car was one of the best things that Subaru ever came up with - a WRX for adults that need space. I guess Legacy GT was great too, but I did like some ground clearance in Colorado » 4/28/15 4:34pm 4/28/15 4:34pm

I used the M8 until last Saturday - I updated it to stock Lollipop when it came out. It turned to be almost unusable for me, with all the lag I’ve experienced. M9 I just picked up flies compared to it. I know it is not all because of the processor - M9 has more RAM and was designed for Lollipop, but the difference… » 4/24/15 2:32pm 4/24/15 2:32pm